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  • Buddy’s Early Learning Expedition

    Buddy’s Early Learning Expedition
    Belle Fourche, SD

    Belle Laundry, the only laundromat in Belle Fourche. In March 2024, SDPB transformed a small business corner into a cozy reading, relaxation, and learning space.

    A bench near the window holds books appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, and young readers. The mounted bookshelf safely displays even more books for families to enjoy together. The child-sized table and soft rug invite children to sit and explore. The bench seats in the space provide a comfortable place for adults to sit, read, and play while waiting for their laundry. Our mascot, Buddy the Bird, finds a perch on the tree-shaped bookshelf. From here, he leads families to a treasure trove of educational games, programs, and interactive activities at The display materials serve as a roadmap, guiding families to these additional resources they can take wherever they go. Many of these resources are aligned with the SD Early Learning Guidelines, ensuring they are research-based and developmentally appropriate.

  • Sound Vision – A Success Story

    Together, you and SDPB have exceeded the Sound Vision fundraising goal! We are building the future and community of South Dakota, one story at a time.

    We have built new studios, hired staff, funded new programming, and created an endowment that assures the future of SDPB. The impact of your generosity goes far beyond the dollars that were raised. SDPB and you are creating the strongest team of journalists and storytellers our state has ever seen. These campaign gift, beyond your annual membership gifts, and building the SDPB endowment are crucial to keep SDPB strong. We appreciate your confidence in the future of SDPB.

    SDPB and You – a powerful partnership for the people of South Dakota. Thank you for your incredible support!

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